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Motivated by the beauty of all that Judaism has to offer, engaging activities, social action projects and active participation of young minds and talent, children and families are launched into AN UNMATCHABLE JEWISH EXPERIENCE

WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT OUR SCHECK FAMILY RELIGIOUS SCHOOL IS INCLUDED WITH MEMBERSHIP. This tremendous opportunity would not be available without the generosity of our “Visionaries” and the Sponsors of Religious School Events.  Learn More about our visionaries >>


At Beth Torah we believe that Religious School (Hebrew School) is a ``right`` of membership.

Edwin Farber Rabbi Emeritus

At our Scheck Family Religious School we teach our children to understand and revere the wisdom in our heritage, letting it shape the children’s hearts, minds, morals, and values. We strive to develop positive attitudes toward their Judaism, to give them a sense of commitment to their tradition, Ahavat Eretz Israel and to the practices of American Conservative Judaism. Our school boasts children as young as Kindergarten through Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Our students learn everything from Hebrew reading and Jewish Holidays to Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation with a curriculum specially designed to be age appropriate. We are proud to have the Beth Torah clergy playing an integral role in the school, enriching our children’s spiritual and educational experiences with more than 80 years of combined Rabbinical and Cantorial knowledge.

Our Philosophy

  • Beth Torah strives to help our children develop positive attitudes toward their Judaism, to give them a sense of commitment to their tradition and to the practices of American Conservative Judaism.
  • We see our task as empowering you to help your children live more meaningful Jewish lives. We believe that both school and home want to create positive Jewish memories and meaningful Jewish experiences for your children and by working together, our school is better able to provide those experiences which will positively affect your child’s life.
  • Through cooperation, family supporting school and school supporting family, we can teach our children that Jewish living is an important part of all of our lives, and that we want Jewish values to be an important part of theirs as well.
  • Ours is not only a school; it is a congregation and, as such, we are interested in the entire family. We care about you and try to be sensitive to your needs and desires. We encourage your involvement and your feedback. We need your constant support in this important and holy task.


  • —At the end of their Jewish education, students should be able to enter any synagogue and participate in the services, and understand and read the prayers.
  • Our hope is that students will begin the curriculum in kindergarten and remain in school through Confirmation. Becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah does not mark the conclusion of one’s studies, rather it indicates acceptance of the adult responsibility of continued study. Talmud Torah,
    the study of Torah, is a goal that we hope our students will begin here at Beth Torah and continue throughout their lives.
  • —Students should be able at the end of their educational process to feel connected to “Klal Israel “(Jewish People), American Society and the State of Israel as entities that require their love and commitment.
  • —It is our goal that through activities, students will create their own social Jewish network that will enable them to widen their existing social network form school.
  • —Culturally we strive to infuse art, music, celebration, food, and terminology that are common in Jewish Culture.

For more information on Religious School please contact Gabriela (Gaby) Rascovsky at

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A unique multigenerational community event created and organized by the Scheck Family Religious School at Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus.
Special thanks to Gaby Rascovsky, our Religious School and Membership Director for her vision and execution. Thanks to the Committee for their support and to Silvio Berlfein and Evelyn Goldfinger and for their performances. Photos by Carlos Chattah, Video by Silvio Berlfein. Logo and promotional material by Cinthya Bigio-Poreh (Kadami Group).

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Upcoming Events for RS Families

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Photo & Video Gallery

2017-2018 Academic Year

    • Sunday September 17, Milk and Honey Program CLICK HERE
    • Wednesday September 27, first day of school  click here
    • Wednesday October 18, classes in action click here
    • FunFest Sunday November 5, click here
    • Grades 5 & 6 Visit to the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach cilck here
    • Grades K-2 Shabbat Rehearsals Wednesday November 15 clickhere
    • Olive Oil workshop Wednesday November 29, click here
    • Wednesday December 6,grades 1& 2 visit to the Kosher Food Bank here
    • Wednesday December 6, grades 3 learning about Israel click here
    • Wednesday December 13, Chanukah candle lighting and more click here
    • Satuday December 16, Havdalah Chanukah Program click here
    • Wednesday December 20, Chanukah Under the Stars click here
    • Wednesday January 10, this is how we resume in 2018, click here
    • Wednesday January 24, Kindergarten, Tu Bishvat click here
    • Wednesday February 1, Tu Bishvat click here
    • Wednesday February 7, Grades 5 &6 tour the shul with Rabbi click here
    • Wednesday February 14, Meet the Rabbi and more click here
    • Wednesday February 21, Baking Hamantashen click here
    • Wednesday February 28 Purim Celebrations click here
    • Wednesday March 7, Matzah Factory K-2 click here
    • Thursday March 15, Matzo Ball for Soul click here
    • Wednesday March 21, Model Seders click here
    • Wednesday April 11,Yom Ha Shoah click here
    • Wednesday April 18, Yom Hazikaron/ Yom Ha Atzmaut,click here
    • Wednesday May 16, Religious School closing Ceremony Click Here