What is Tikkun Av?

According to Jewish tradition, the second temple in Jerusalem was destroyed on the 9th of the month Av because of sinat chinam, baseless hatred among the Jewish People. Traditionally, we mourn during these weeks. But is there anything else we can do? This month of Av, let’s make a Tikkun to rectify the cause of the destruction, by practicing ahavat chinam, loving others without judgement within Am Israel.

* Tikkun Av is an initiative that takes its name from the ideas of Tikkun (to repair). Just as we have a Tikkun Olam (to repair the world) and have a Tikkun Leil Shavuot (repair the lack of preparedness when receiving the Torah at mount Sinai by staying awake and studying all night.)

Why Tikkun Av?

Perhaps not coincidentally, these past weeks were charged with acts of division within the People of Israel. We might have forgotten that there’s also work to be done at home with love, patience and acceptance. We might have taken Judaism and Israel for granted. We might have forgotten about the people behind the level of religious observance, cultural and social differences and political views that separates us. Let’s have a Tikkun Av and increase our acts of chesed (loving-kindness), of understanding, of reaching out and our good deeds within Am Israel. 

How can I do Tikkun Av?

You can start by committing to one act of ahavat chinam within Am Israel.

Have a conversation with someone with different religious or political views and try to really hearing them out. Aim to see the person behind the ideology or practice or clothing.

Visit a home for the elderly and lend a ear.

Create awareness of the need of ahavat chinam, love, respect and understanding within the Jewish People.

When addressing an important issue, even on social media, try to be constructive. Don’t put on labels, generalize and lump everyone together. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.

Want to go bigger?

Organize a Tikkun Av event and have speakers of different backgrounds addressing important current issues. Find a diverse audience and aim for everyone to respect on another. Give the chance to listen, to speak, to accept the differences, to agree to disagree.

  • Organize an event to provide love and caring and help to those more vulnerable.
  • Share your ideas of acts of Ahavat Chinam on our Facebook site.
  • Post resources and inspirational events/stories/testimonies.

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