Weekly Devar Torah


Speaker: | April 05, 2018

FROM THE CONSERVATIVE YESHIVA IN JERUSALEM D’var Torah: Order at Yam Suf Ilana Kurshan, Conservative Yeshiva Faculty The Torah reading for the seventh day of Pesach depicts one of the most climactic moments in the...

Parashat Ki Tisa 03.03.18

Speaker: | March 03, 2018

FROM THE CONSERVATIVE YESHIVA OF JERUSALEM D’var Torah: The Gift of Oral Torah Rabbi Mordechai Silverstein, Conservative Yeshiva Faculty Very discerning readers of the Torah, the rabbinic sages sought to plumb the depths and uncover...

Parashat Bo 01.13.18

Parashat Bo 01.13.18

Speaker: | January 12, 2018

FROM THE CONSERVATIVE YESHIVA IN JERUSALEM by: Yonah Johnson, Conservative Yeshiva Student & Lishma Fellow This week’s parasha tells the story of the first seven plagues unleashed upon Egypt by God (with the help of...

Parashat Vayigash 12.23.17

Parashat Vayigash 12.23.17

Speaker: | December 21, 2017

“TORAH SPARKS” FROM THE CONSERVATIVE YESHIVA IN JERUSALEM Dr. Joshua Kulp, Conservative Yeshiva Faculty & Rosh Yeshiva Joseph, Pharaoh, Bernie & God The popularity of socialism, the collective ownership of the state’s resource, is on...

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